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The amount of natural gas held in storage in 2019 went from a relatively low value of 1,155 billion cubic feet (Bcf) at the beginning of April to 3,724 Bcf at the end of October because of near-record injection activity during the natural gas injection, or refill, season (April 1–October 31). Inventories as of October 31 were 37 Bcf higher than the previous five-year end-of-October average, according to interpolated values in the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report. 菲彩国际上娱乐在线检测

weekly natural gas inventory level

菲彩国际上娱乐官方软件EIA, Natural Gas Monthly and Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report


WTI crude oil futures price菲彩国际上娱乐官方娱乐

11/7/2019: 菲彩国际上娱乐平台官方

菲彩国际上娱乐在线检测$2.97 from week earlier
菲彩国际上娱乐软件官网$4.52 from year earlier

Natural gas futures price菲彩国际上娱乐官方娱乐

11/7/2019: 菲彩国际上娱乐软件官网

菲彩国际上娱乐首页二维码$0.139 from week earlier
菲彩国际上娱乐二维码软件$0.783 from year earlier

Weekly coal production菲彩国际上娱乐在线检测

11/2/2019: 菲彩国际上娱乐平台官方

菲彩国际上娱乐手机网站0.082 million tons from week earlier
菲彩国际上娱乐app2.505 million tons from year earlier

Natural gas inventories菲彩国际上娱乐官网二维码

11/1/2019: 菲彩国际上娱乐

菲彩国际上娱乐二维码软件34 Bcf from week earlier
菲彩国际上娱乐软件首页530 Bcf from year earlier

Crude oil inventories菲彩国际上娱乐二维码软件

11/1/2019: 菲彩国际上娱乐在线检测

菲彩国际上娱乐app7.9 million barrels from week earlier
菲彩国际上娱乐15.0 million barrels from year earlier


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